Since its inception, the Kauffman Foundation has transformed many lives. The following brief blog offers a closer examination of the organization’s origin, its purpose, and those it benefits.

Foundational Origins
The foundation was founded by successful entrepreneur Ewing Marion Kauffman. Kauffman, the one-time owner of the Kansas City Royals baseball club, was committed to helping individuals of all backgrounds reach their full potential. The foundation’s beginnings and eventual growth were built upon those principles.

The Purpose
The founder held fast to two fundamental beliefs. One is that education was the building block for success and committed himself to ensure that young people with promise (regardless of their socioeconomic background) reach their utmost potentials. The second driving principle to which Kauffman adhered is the notion that business enterprises helped promote ingenuity, as well as foster a strong economy.

It is on these foundations that the Kauffman Foundation has grown into a significant benevolent force in the Kansas City area that promotes various aspects of education and entrepreneurship.

In regards to education, the organization sponsors programs that focus on bettering early education, providing quality schools, and enhancing every student’s opportunity to seek post-secondary schooling (such as colleges, universities and trade schools). As part of this process, the organization has helped in developing a collection of competent teachers and educational leaders, as well as the creation of innovative and engaging programs that inspire both youths and adults to take a more active role in the educational process.

The Foundation’s entrepreneurship efforts focus on building an entrepreneurial spirit in local communities by holding meetings at grassroots levels, provide numerous learning endeavors for individuals that are interested in the opportunity to attend meetings and workshops.

These workshops allow industry professionals to identify market gaps to prevent segments of society from being excluded by various businesses or members such groups being given limited to no opportunity to partake in the entrepreneurial process, establish entrepreneurial-friendly policies and research to gauge the progress of all aforementioned endeavors and identify potential areas of improvement.

Since its inception in 1966, the Foundation has donated millions of dollars to a variety of charitable, educational and business-related causes. These causes helped to educate countless individuals, many of whom have contributed to the revitalization of Kansas City and an increase in community and civic pride and engagement.