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Inspirational Values: Aisha Babangida at TEDxYouth@Maitama

“TEDx is about ‘simplified, authentic storytelling.’ In this talk Aisha Babangida shares a step- by-step analysis on the simple habits of successful people. As philanthropy Chairperson of the BetterLife Program, she is both philanthropist and women’s rights activist. She is a psychologist by profession and a passionate African woman who is interested in the self development of the Rural woman.” 

On the Street – Aisha Babangida

“Aisha Babangida speaks to On the Street about the importance of respect in Africa.

Aisha Babangida Revives BetterLife Program

“Adopt a village as we go along. Find out what is particular to them. Find out what they need.Aisha Babangida

Aisha Babangida on BetterLife for Rural Women in Nigeria

“Aisha Babangida is the director of Better Life, an NGO in Nigeria that provides support services to thousands of women in rural areas. She was speaking at Shea 2013: Global Perspectives, the annual shea industry conference, held in Abuja, Nigeria, March 4-6, 2013.

She Forum Africa 2016 Speech

“Hajjiya Aisha Babangida delivered a powerful and heart-warming speech at the She Forum Africa conference held at the Sheraton Hotel, Abuja as she opens up about her divorce and managing her late mother’s foundation, the BetterLife Program.