While the holiday season is typically a time where people like to give back, even though the season has passed, that doesn’t mean that the spirit of philanthropy should go along with it. While most think of giving back in the form of public service or donating food and clothing, giving back in style has emerged as a popular behavior. Many companies and not-for-profit organizations have taken on this practice. Check out just a few of those brands who give a new twist on giving back where the giver gets gifted in the process!

Fashion Project

Based in Boston, members are able to donate designer accessories or clothing and donate to a charity of their choosing. The pieces will then be re-sold on the website, and over half of all proceeds will be donated to an honorable cause. One dress that is sold alone has the capacity to purchase 300 meals for needy families through the Greater Boston Food Bank as well. Talk about a major impact for a minor donation!


The mission of FEED is to educated and feed children around the world that need it. From leather handbags to attractive accessories, the FEED project has been able to provide over 85 million meals globally through partnerships with other fashion brands. Proceeds of all purchases go towards fighting against world hunger.

Same Sky Jewelry

Women from Rwanda meet women of New York City to create specialized hand-crafted jewelry to provide means of employment. Women are trained in the art of jewelry creation and are sold by Same Sky across the world. Women who have been incarcerated also have jobs available for them as the mission has spread to New York.

Urban Zen

Urban Zen’s foundation as a lifestyle and fashion brand has emerged into pure philanthropy by giving back handcrafted furniture and apparel. Made from talented artisans from across the world, Urban Zen has attracted a great deal of talent, and in doing so, the Haiti Artisan Project was founded. This helps shed a light on the talented artisans of Haiti.


Lemlem combines simplicity with unbridled elegance, as the full scope of Ethiopia’s beauty is displayed through accessories such as scarves and other forms of apparel. In addition, jobs and the preservation of handcrafted art from the country have emerged as focuses beyond their visible philanthropic effort.