It is a well-known fact that education can improve a person’s life by opening up more opportunities. But, did you know that education can also help to improve how communities function as a whole? Education can not only increase a person’s intelligence of the world around them, but it can also help communities around the world to thrive.

In recent years, more focus has shifted towards improving access to education to communities throughout Africa. According to UNESCO UIS, nearly one-third of children between 12-14 years old in sub-Saharan Africa are not in school at any given time, indicating the need for better access to education. In response to the growing number of children who are not in school in Africa, more professionals and organizations are working to increase education in these communities. What are some of the strategies that are being used to achieve this goal?

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
In order to create a more sustainable world, the United Nations created the Sustainable Development Goals plan, which focuses on how we can make our world more sustainable by 2030. Part of the goal is to improve access to education and lifelong learning opportunities in underserved communities around the world by implementing three goals. The education goals include access to both primary and secondary education for all boys and girls, and better access to affordable technical, vocational and tertiary education, and university education. Overall, the Sustainable Development Goals are helping communities in Africa by providing increased access to education.

Girls Education
The need to improve education for young girls has been one of the major goals for several reasons. Across the region of Africa, nearly nine million girls will not ever go to school, compared to six million boys who will never go to school. In response to this, UIS created a strategy to get more girls into school, which includes hiring female teachers to serve as role models, creating gender-specific bathrooms, and increasing access to schools. Providing a safe environment for girls can significantly improve their experience in a classroom.

While there are still many hurdles to overcome, the need for improved access to education, particularly for young girls in Africa, has seen a significant improvement in recent years. The goal is not only to ensure that boys and girls can go to school, but it also aims to find more experienced teachers that can provide a high-quality education.