Nigeria, a West African nation, is one of the poorest in the world. Despite the fact that the country is very poor by Western standards, it is growing very fast and has a very bright and economically sound future ahead. Due to its humble stature on the economic world stage, Nigeria’s most successful corporations and organizations are extremely dedicated to giving back to the Nigerian community. In fact, Nigeria has one of the most philanthropic cooperate cultures in the world, with nearly every leading Nigerian cooperation actively contributing in large ways to the greater social welfare of the Nigerian people.

The Top 5 Ways That Organizations Help The Community in Nigeria

  1. Education – One of the primary goals of most non-profit organizations within Nigeria is to build up the nation’s educational system. Elementary schools, secondary schools, and universities are being built all over Nigeria as a result of private and corporate charitable donations. Nigeria is slowly inching its way to having the highest educational standards in Africa.
  2. Health – HIV/AIDS, polio, and other diseases are still rife in Nigeria when compared to similar disease rates in Europe and North America. Organizations such as the Kanu Heart Foundation, Red Cross, and Red Crescent are all extremely active in Nigeria in order to stamp out many of the preventable diseases common in the country.
  3. Sports – Socialists everywhere universally agree that sports programs and a vibrant sports culture are a healthy and positive thing for a country to have. Sports encourages exercise, a cornerstone of modern preventive medicine. Many corporations and NPOs within Nigeria heavily invest in private and nationalized sports stadiums, exercise facilities, and athletic scholarship programs.
  4. Religion – Both Islam and Christianity are widely practiced in Nigeria. With a culture so deeply rooted in religion, it is not surprising that religious centers are some of the leading recipients of charity within the country. Mosques and churches, in turn, use the charitable funds they receive to help the poor, build needed infrastructure, and take-in abandoned children.
  5. Cultural Exchange – Nigeria has a rich and wonderful culture that is unique to Africa. Many organizations within Nigeria focus their efforts on strengthening cross-cultural ties with other countries. Countries like Poland, Germany, Russia, the Philippines, and the United States all have robust cultural and educational exchange programs with Nigeria.