Funmi Iyanda is a Nigerian 48-year old entrepreneur who also doubles as a television host, journalist, and blogger. The award-winning entrepreneur also serves as the executive director at Oya Media, a London-based production studio that facilitates TV film production. As an entrepreneur, she is best known for producing Nigerian groundbreaking talk show programs that have been running consecutively for eight years. The TV personality has been previously nominated and won numerous TV personality awards in the fields of TV production, broadcasting, journalism, and general media influence. The BBC once recognized her as part of the 100 women to watch, a highly coveted position where few ever get shortlisted.

Besides her prestigious accomplishments in the field of journalism, she runs numerous philanthropic projects, including the Change-A-Life Foundation, where she focuses on providing social services on a non-profit arrangement. The project is aimed at giving people an opportunity to acquire education, entrepreneurial, and leadership skills to foster their individual growth and development. Through the Change-A-Life Foundation, she has been able to channel educational scholarships, vocational training, business grants, and mentorships to young people while focusing on civil empowerment.

She is also involved in additional philanthropy projects, including in the UN, where she was elected as the UN Women Gender Equality Champion to lead the call for gender equality and women empowerment in the society. Through such projects, Funmi Iyanda has been able to increase the global call for enhanced women participation in decision-making activities, including those of economic importance.

Through her journalism projects, Funmi Iyanda has managed to give the girl-child a vital voice to play a significant role in providing mentorship and guidance. This is gradually helping young girls to find a voice, particularly when it comes to illuminating the way for social-economic empowerment for the poor in society.

Behind the strong media personality, Funmi Iyanda is a highly esteemed woman who has been severally honored in her home country for her various contributions to social-economic development. She has been a strong voice in related areas, such as violence against women and girls, where she has been in close coordination of various projects, such as scaling Mount Kilimanjaro in advocacy for social equality in Africa.