Mass shootings, kidnappings and other abductions have triggered a cry for securing our schools. Parents and educators in the United States and across the world are echoing the call for better school security with recent kidnappings in Nigeria igniting a similar discussion as the one permeating it into other countries.

In the case of Nigeria, the call to improve school security is the result of over 200 abductions from a Borno State boarding school. Like many other communities, Nigeria has stressed how important the involvement of the community as a whole is to the success of any strategy.

Local businesses, government and the youth themselves, are being asked to work as a collective unit. The initial step was to solicit signatures for a petition to show the strength of the support. Nearly a half a million concerned individuals inked their name to the petition in a huge wave of support and calling for action.

Business leaders will hope to generate matching monetary contributions from the government and the Global Business Coalition for Education. While the safe schools initiative is a noble cause, without proper funding many of the measures will never materialize reinforcing the importance of everyone’s support.

The petition brought the problem into the light and the business initiative will look to fund various aspects of the program. Although the problem in Nigeria is the result of the horrific ambitions of the terror group Boko Haram, most of the world has encountered some type of tragic circumstance threatening the safety of their schools.

Mass shootings have plagued the United States, spawning a cry for school security across America. In the United States, there was a commission appointment in March 2018, to immediately produce recommendations on how to stop the spread of tragic school violence.

There is a faction that believes the problem of school violence is directly associated with gun control. On the other side of the debate are those who do not believe that guns are the cause. However, both sides of the argument, as diverse as they are, deem school security a common priority.

In Nigeria, the need for better school security stems from children being taken from their school setting, while in the US these children are having their life taken. While the situations are different in context, the end need is for better school security, a problem that often plagues my heart.

The international community may be able to learn a lot from the efforts surrounding the safe school initiative in Nigeria. The ultimate objective for every school administrator, parent, or law enforcement officer is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where children can learn.